Sep 2018

Mark O. – NYPD

“As a law enforcement officer in today‚Äôs society knowing how to defend yourself and shift a potentially lethal situation in your favor is paramount. Using the Jiu Jitsu that professor Carl has shown me I have been able to diffuse situations quickly and efficiently with minimal damage to the suspect and most importantly to me and my fellow officers.

I am here to tell you that Professor Carl Massaro is a huge supporter of the law enforcement community. Professor Carl and the other instructors and Northern valley Renzo Gracie take a true dive into our world and tailor many of their lessons for their law enforcement students who need these skills to protect themselves against the encounters we have all faced while on the job and for the students looking to improve their fundamentals.

Professor Carl offers a wide range of classes that can fit mostly any work schedule. Check out a class and see how many other officers you meet making it work. Whether you go 4 times a week or 2 the knowledge is priceless. Our inservice tactics is not enough. Defense tactics offered by departments are often well taught but these things need repetition.

One defensive tactics lesson offered by your department can not compare to what you will learn here. I have personally used Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I learned at nvbjj against adversaries and I am here to tell you it works.”

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