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Paul Alzapiedi
via Google

Outstanding place to train! The discipline, structure and organization of this academy are exceptional. All instructors are true students of the art and grateful to be teaching. Great for kids or adults at any level. Importantly, this gym makes you feel comfortable regardless of your level.

Matt Infante
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As a newcomer to BJJ, I was hooked as soon as I step foot inside the Renzo Gracie BJJ NV gym. I looked at a few other gyms in the area and nothing came close to meeting the world class and contagious atmosphere and style manifested by Professor Carl and his staff. As a lower belt, they welcomed me in with open arms and cultivated strong basic fundamentals that helped me move upward and get better each day. If you're thinking about doing BJJ this is the place to go!

Adriana Gj
via Google

After my first class, I knew it was the spot that I was going to call my new BJJ home. I think experiencing the place itself, you will understand the 5 star reviews. All the instructors are amazing. The vibe is always right, everyone is always willing to help, everyone is so humbled. Learning something new can be very intimidating and I never once felt judged about not understanding something even after asking the same question time after time. Everyone is so understanding and it becomes a place you can call your second home with the friends you make with other students of all levels and the instructors. You push yourself, each other and watching yourself and your team mates grow is incredible with practice and patience.

Chris Warren
via Google

As a former wrestler I have been around grappling for most of my life and have been to several different clubs/gyms. Professor Carl has put together the best gym I have ever been too. He is a humble guy but his expertise is apparent not only in his pedigree but also in his instruction. Although Carl trains with some of the best grapplers alive, he gives each of his students the same amount of attention no matter if they are a white belt or a black belt training for a fight. That being said, the expert instruction is not what makes this gym so special; It is the men and women who train there. There is a healthy mix of upper belts and lower belts of all ages who will welcome you from day 1. This gym does more live rolling than any other gym in the area (45 minutes) yet I have never seen a serious injury occur. This is because of the environment that Carl has created where ego is left at the door and a few high-risk moves are prohibited during Randori. This is the perfect place to train whether it be for a drop in class or making it your home gym.

Vincent Lee
via Google

Ever been on Netflix and found a sleeper movie that was awesome? Renzo Gracie Northern Valley is the equivalent. It's the hidden gem of Jiu Jitsu Gyms in NJ/NY. Manned and taught by one of the most accomplished Renzo Gracie black belts, Carl Massaro, RGNV is the best place to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. If you are looking to get fit and become proficient at this awesome martial art as well as meet great friends, then you have to come here. BJJ is real! The mats don't lie and neither will the physical and mental transformation ! Don't hesitate just do it!

Joseph Fahy
via Google

Renzo Gracie Northern Valley is an incredible place. This is not only a BJJ gym, but a community of people who are welcoming and pushing each other to get better. The skills that I have learned here go beyond just BJJ. I will recommend this place to anyone who is willing to give it a shot. Master Carl is an incredible teacher and his support staff, Lenny, Joey G and others are fantastic too. 10/10

Beto Buda
via Google

As an older adult with previous injuries, one of my main concerns when looking for a Brazilian Jujitsu school was to obviously first and foremost learn BJJ but equally as important not to get
injured in the process. I found a safe training environment here not only with dedicated staff and instructors but also with fellow practitioners who were very welcoming. I would encourage anyone considering this sport to give a try here.... hope to see you soon!

Danny K
via Yelp

I have trained at a few gyms and NVBJJ is my new home. Professor Carl has a structured curriculum and shows advanced techniques since he is still training and learning with top level guys. The crowd here is competitive and will get you where you want to be.

Efrain Curet Jr.
via Google

If it ever crosses your mind to learn BJJ this is the place to go. The head professor “Carl” is experienced, professional, knowledgeable, humble and just genuinely cares about both his craft and teaching it properly to his students. Whether you’re a black belt or a white belt you are made to feel equal and there is a “no clicks” environment that will make anyone willing to learn feel comfortable. Also the class sizes are decent and as well as the price for membership. I’ll end this by saying thanks to Carl for allowing me to be apart of this great craft via your school!

Adrian Hamblin
via Google

I had a great time visiting. The school is very nice, clean, easy parking, and the atmosphere and people are very welcoming. The instruction is tremendous. I have been training for 5 years and I picked up a few things from Carl that I was immediately able to use. If you are thinking about starting, you can't go wrongs with this place. It will set your Jiu-JItsu on very sound footing.

Lenny Compres
via Google

Professor Carl Massaro is easily one of the greatest instructors I’ve ever had. I know it seems like a polite thing to say about your professor, but Carl Massaro is the REAL deal. High level instruction in a beautiful facility conveniently located in Northvale, N.J., combined with instructors and coaches who go above and beyond at a moments notice. Regardless of what your goals are, this is the room you WANT to be in. Renzo Gracie Northern Valley has become a home away from home for me, and my training partners have become family. I love and believe in the art I learn, and it’s all thanks to prof. Carl and the staff at Renzo Gracie Northern Valley.

John Haase
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I absolutely love training at this academy and recommend it to anyone who is interested in martial arts to check this gym out. It is a friendly and positive training environment.

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There is no doubt that this is one of the top tier BJJ schools in the area. I have been training under professor Carl for a little over two years now and can honestly say I am a better person for doing so. Both the students and coaches are very welcoming and friendly. If you are looking to train BJJ I highly recommend checking us out at Renzo Gracie Northern Valley!

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